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24/7 Urgent care treatment

CareForceMD is all about convenience. All too often, patients with non-emergent medical problems have no choice but to wait it out in crowded Emergency Departments. Whether your PCP is booked or it’s after hours, CareForceMD is standing by waiting to serve you. Our unique, virtual care services are accessible around the clock for patients in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

When a video call from home or work is not sufficient, patients can be seen at one of our growing number of retail clinics located inside participating ACME and Safeway grocery stores, where they can get extended testing like blood work, EKGs and urine testing.

We take the extra step of notifying your primary doctor about your visit and even help making any follow up appointments you may need scheduled! And don’t forget, our locations are in full-service grocery stores so you can pick up some chicken soup and get your prescriptions filled at the same time. Now that’s Urgent Care….+Plus!!!!!