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CareForceMD provides secure self health data management solution

Hypertension, or “high blood pressure”, is the leading causes of death and disability from heart attack, stroke and kidney failure in the United States, affecting nearly one third of adults- a number that is rapidly climbing.

The American Heart Association states that reducing high blood pressure by just 13 points can lead to a 37% reduction in the risk of stroke and 21% reduction in the risk of coronary artery disease. Tight management of hypertension can delay or prevent the progression of disabling conditions.

Now, in one place, you can get most of the services you need to help you and your doctor control your hypertension: kidney function tests, lipid profiles, medications/prescriptions, and coaches for home monitoring. Another way CareForceMD is “helping YOU help YOUR DOCTORS help YOU”. Find out about the CareForceMD Hypertension Monitoring Service.